русский 2b2t

Working Cheats on 2b2t minecraft server

Cheats are not prohibited, but are limited. To catch a real hardcore-play without them.

Decided to play with cheats? Here is a list of cool features:

I'll tell you right away: FlyHack doesn't work.
KillAura — attacks the enemy around you, even from the back *wow*. Imagine how this cheat will help you if you are suddenly attacked from the back!

Next, xRay shows a view through the blocks to find useful ores.
You will be able to find diamonds, and break griferit other people's underground bases easier than easy.

AutoArmor automatically puts on and changes armor, even on the move.
Look at the situation: you have a pvp-the enemy breaks your helmet. Cheat will quickly be able to establish your best armor in your inventory.

NoWeb — will remove you from slowing down the web, you can run from opponents despite the obstacles.

Quite an interesting cheat AutoBuild will help you build a wall faster, instead of one block per click, it puts five at once.

Well, with SpeedHack you can move very quickly on the map. Opponents will be shocked with your speed!

List of 2b2t cheats

huzuni 2b2t cheat

huzuni — contains a nice interface and 40 cheats in its Arsenal;

flux 2b2t cheat

FLUX — Assembly cheats which is better bypasses all anti-cheats on servers;

sigma 2b2t cheat

Sigma is a regular compilation, with better security and a built-in music player.